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    Installment photovoltaics

    BeeIN SA in cooperation with the Bank Santander makes available to its customers the possibility of making a purchase heat pumps and photovoltaic components in installments.


    Solar photovoltaic warehouse

    In an hour, the sun provides the Earth with more energy than it uses in a whole year. This is one of the reasons why the use of sunlight to generate electricity is considered a technology of the future. Solar photovoltaic warehouse beeIN provides equipment for installers, traders and private persons at import prices.



    The use of sunlight to generate electricity is currently the most beneficial way to obtain energy. Solar power plants are an ecological solution, safe for our planet and clean in terms of emissions. Install photovoltaic panels with a solar installation and see how quickly you reduce your electricity bills.


    Heat pumps

    Inverter heat pumps are an increasingly popular source of thermal energy at home and in the company. It does not require the installation of a chimney and can be the only source of heat also for heating water. The beeIN photovoltaic warehouse offers a wide selection of heat pumps from renowned manufacturers such as SPRSUN and NULITE. Import prices and an attractive system of B2B cooperation with our contractors constitute a competitive offer on the Polish RES market.



    Photovoltaic inverters in the offer of BeeIN - Wholesale photovoltaic. Branded products at import prices. A wide range of inverters available from stock. We recommend inverters from the Chinese manufacturer KEHUA and the American Growatt. Are you a photovoltaic installer and want to buy accessories for PV installations at the best prices? Join us and check what beeIN gives to B2B contractors.


    We inform about the latest news in the industry RES, opportunities and changes that affect the market and portfolios.

    we implement

    solutions of the future


    Photovoltaics for the home

    Energy security and independence is a great idea that can be turned into reality. The answer to this is photovoltaics. Find out more about photovoltaics.


    Photovoltaics for companies

    Optimizing company expenses for electricity is an increasingly popular way to optimize costs. You can cut your electricity costs by almost 95% with photovoltaics.


    Photovoltaics for farmers

    Do you run a farm and want to lower your electricity bills? Invest in a photovoltaic installation dedicated to farmers. Find out about the benefits of investing.

    Solar panels

    Obtaining electricity using solar panels is becoming more and more often and more willingly chosen solution, e.g. when building a house. If you want an ecological and healthy way of using energy, it is worth paying attention to beeIN panels at very attractive prices.

    Photovoltaic installation

    Photovoltaic installations allow you to obtain energy in a completely ecological and economic way. Growing electricity bills are not the best friend of any of us, therefore beeIN cares about helping its customers on the way to effective savings.


    Solar farm

    The beeIN company offers attractive terms of cooperation regarding the acquisition of a given land for lease for PV farms. Photovoltaic farms can only be built on a plot of land with an area of ​​2 ha without trees and buildings.

    Importer of photovoltaic panels

    BeeIN cooperates with the most recognized suppliers of PV components in the world.

    Photovoltaic installers

    BeeIN has a highly qualified staff who know their profession very well. The gentlemen can help with both the consulting and the implementation of a given project.